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about the artist

Sacramento native Julian Sandpaper is celebrated for his meticulous experimentation. Beginning his career in woodworking, he used industrial machinery to craft eyewear from recycled materials. Mastering wood bending and intricate inlay work, he transitioned to custom musical instruments, creating hundreds of pieces. Collaborating with global brands, Julian contributed to retail displays, trade show booths, and art installations. Today, he is using woodworking, artistry, and robotics to channel his focus toward commercial and public sculpture.

artistic philosophy

To create captivating and inspiring works of art that push the boundaries of artistic expression.

To blend traditional artistry with cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques, resulting in unique and innovative pieces.

To evoke emotion, spark playfulness, and foster meaningful connections with viewers through art.

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sandpaper machine

My innovative digital fabrication studio in Downtown Sacramento specializes in building bespoke commercial and public art using cutting-edge robotic and CNC manufacturing techniques. My diverse clientele, spanning architecture, development, major retail, global brands, and public entities, benefits from my fusion of factory precision and sculptural finesse. Occupying a 4,000 square-foot shop, my facilities include a traditional millwork shop with woodworking machinery, three large envelope CNC machines, and a five-axis robotic milling machine, enabling me to translate intricate designs into reality with speed and accuracy. The facility is fully equipped with a metalworking shop and a paint booth, providing a comprehensive range of capabilities for fabrication, finishing, and installation of projects.

Skills & Expertise

Project Management

Engineering Design

Production Design

Vendor Management

Workflow Optimization

Site Work Service


Rhinoceros 3D

Fusion 360



CNC Machining

Five-Axis Milling

Hardwoods and Softwoods

Sheet Goods and Plywood

Finishes and Coatings


In-House Design and Fabrication Services

Service-Based Solutions

Art Delivery and Installation Services


Our pricing model is structured around the size and intricacy of each creation. While our prices reflect the premium quality of our workmanship, we acknowledge that every client has unique budgetary constraints.

We remain flexible to accommodate varying budget ranges. Our team welcomes discussions on alternative materials, design adjustments, or installment plans to actualize an artistic vision within their desired budgetary framework.

key projects

The Door at Mansion Apartments in Sacramento, CA. was completed in June, 2022, made of sapele wood.

Crafted a ten-foot sculptural marvel that draws inspiration from Sacramento's allure, featuring intricately carved details reflecting the city's rich tapestry.

The Four Seasons Wall Art included over 140 original pieces for the luxury residencies in Costa Palmas, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and was completed in January, 2024.

These bespoke villas showcase our custom artwork, blending luxury with Cabo's adventurous spirit.

Designed and built a Covey Bird sculpture using a state-of-the-art five-axis robot arm for a luxury apartment complex in Downtown Sacramento.

The design seamlessly blends classic Mid-Century Modern style with vibrant pop-art elements.

Created ten sculptures for Mansion Apartments, inspired by historical Sacramento landmarks.

Design elements draw from architectural details, like cracked concrete, steel rivets, and corrugated metal.

This monument was fabricated by the Sandpaper Machine team, and done at his facility in collaboration with San Fransisco Designer Brian Madden.

The form is inspired by extruded sound wave, and displayed in May, 2024 in San Fransisco, California.

Commissioned by Evo, a leading national sports supply company, I built interactive wall and floor displays.

At Evo's Portland Campus, I created an immersive wall sculpture modeled after a bike chain and gears.

Four wooden glove sculptures were created for Oyuki Japan, showcased in Evo's premier storefronts nationwide.

Each glove statue stands six feet tall.

In the Press

Quotation Mark

For the last five or six years, Sandpaper has been creating work for himself that is part carpentry, part engineering, and a whole lot of artistry.


The Sacramento Bee

Quotation Mark

Sandpaper is known for making larger-than-life art.



Quotation Mark

The show is like retail Burning Man. It’s always this incredible environment for me to play in.


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